دعوت به همکاری مترجم

دعوت به همکاری مترجم
تیم ترجمه آسیا مووی به تعدادی مترجم برای ترجمه سریال های کره ای و چینی و... نیازمند است علاقه مندانی که دوست دارن به ما کمک کنن میتونن به این ایدی پیام بدن @behzadmohsenii ویا بر روی عکس دعوت به همکاری بالا کلیک کنند. دوستانی که ترجمه زبانشون خوبه ولی تاحالا با برنامه ای کار نکردن نگران نباشن ما از شما مترجم میسازیم کسانی که به زبان کره ای هم مسلط هستن نیز از آنها دعوت می شود. امید وارم کسانی که علاقه به مترجمی دارند ولی تجربه کافی هم ندارند به ما برای بهتر شدن زیرنویس های سریال ها و فیلم های شرقی کمک کنند مخصوصا کسایی که به آسایی شرقی علاقه خاصی دارند. با تشکر از همه دوستاران سایت آسیا مووی
  • زبان :کره ای کیفیت :360p.HDTV
  • فرمت :mkv حجم :250MB
  • مدت زمان :مشخص نشده ! محصول :کره جنوبی
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فیلم The Maidroidمحصول سال 2014 است که در آن Maidroid یک کمدی کمدی و صورتی کره جنوبی در سال 2015 است. این فیلم در جشنواره فیلم بین المللی یوباری 2015، ژاپن عرضه شد
  • زبان :هندی کیفیت :HDTVRip.360
  • فرمت :mkv حجم :710MB
  • مدت زمان :2ساعت 37دقیقه محصول :هندوستان
  • کارگردان :Chandoo Mondeti نویسنده :Chandoo Mondeti , Alphonse Puthren , Sithara Entertainments
  • امتیاز IMDB :6.9 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان :Naga Chaitanya Akkineni , Madonna Sebastian , Shruti Haasan
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زندگی ویکرام به سه مرحله تقسیم شده است که در هر مرحله یک دختر متفاوت وجود دارد.
The story revolves around Vicky's three love stories. The first story is in the age of schooling. When Vicky is in 10 Grade he falls in love with Suma(Anupama Parameshwaran). But he was afraid to reciprocate his love because her father (30 years Prithvi) beats anyone who proposes to his daughter. But the time he reciprocated his love she tells that she is already in love with another guy. The second story is in college. Vicky and his gang became in college. On one fine day, he comes across Sithara (Shruthi Hassan) a Marathi Math Lecturer. Vicky falls in love with her and they start getting friendly and unknowingly Sithara also falls in love with Vicky. But unfortunately while going to Pune she meets with an accident and loses her memory. So the second love story ends. The third story is when he is a young man. After 10 years, Vicky becomes a chef and opens a restaurant which becomes famous. At that time he comes across Sindhu(Madonna Sebastian) and falls in love with her. When Vicky ... Written by krishna vamsi
  • زبان :هندی کیفیت :HDTVRip.360p
  • فرمت :mkv حجم :696MB
  • مدت زمان :2ساعت و20 دقیقه محصول :هندوستان
  • کارگردان :Bhaskar Bandi نویسنده :Prasanna Kumar , Saikrishna , Lucky Media
  • امتیاز IMDB :4.9 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان :Ashwin Babu , Krishna Bhagawan , Chammak Chandra
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یک زن جوان نازپرورده به سختی می تواند از بین سه مرد همسری برای خود انتخاب کند
Padmavati / Paddu (Hebah Patel) is the adored daughter of Raghava Rao (Rao Ramesh). A Prophesier prophesied Raghava Rao that if he refuses to accept any of her daughter's wish then she will leave him. As a result, from child he fulfilled all her wishes and never opposed to her any wishes. When Paddu grew up his father select a guy for her to marry. But she said that she will choose her own husband, and if only if she failed to find a suitable match for herself then she will marry the person that her father suggested for her. As always Raghava Rao agrees and Paddu begins her search. Written by Niaz Islam Arif
  • زبان :هندی کیفیت :HDRip.360p
  • فرمت :mkv حجم :680MB
  • مدت زمان :1ساعت و49 دقیقه محصول :هندوستان
  • کارگردان :J. Julian Prakash نویسنده :J. Julian Prakash , Joe Productions
  • امتیاز IMDB :5.5 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان :Akhil , Kishore , Anu Krishna
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داستانی تاریخی از قرن ۱۸ که در آن داستان های زیادی را نقل می کند…
Debutant director Julien Prakash's 'Ilami' has the potential of becoming one such rare gem. The film starts with the author's narration of the history of Jallikattu and how it was an integral part Tamil's living in a particular locality. The story is set in the 18th century (1715 AD). Written by Nanda
  • زبان :هندی کیفیت :HDRip.360p
  • فرمت :mkv حجم :443MB
  • مدت زمان :1ساعت 53دقیقه محصول :هندوستان
  • کارگردان :Navneet Behal نویسنده :We
  • امتیاز IMDB :4.6 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان :Nikhil Dwivedi , Richa Chadha , Damandeep Singh
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داستان فیلم درباره ی دو مجرم هستش که همانطور در حال فرار از قانون هستند عشقی وصف نشدنی هم میان آنها شکل میگیرد و...
An aggressive, passionate acidic love story between two criminals whilst on the run from the law.
  • زبان :هندی کیفیت :HDRip.360p
  • فرمت :mkv حجم :604MB
  • مدت زمان :2ساعت 37دقیقه محصول :هندوستان
  • کارگردان :Feroz Khan نویسنده :F.K. International
  • امتیاز IMDB :7.1 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان :فیروز خان , وینود خانا , زینت امان , امجد خان
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شیلا خواننده ای است که دو نفر عاشق او شده اند …
A cabaret dancer and singer, Sheela (Zeenat Aman) has two admirers: a small-time thief Rajesh (Feroz Khan), and a young, eligible widower, Amar (Vinod Khanna). Both are best friends and does not know that they love the same woman. Then an enemy in the gust of Vikram Singh (Shakti Kapoor) appears and make both men life miserable by exposing each others reality to one another, hereafter Rajesh and Amar's friendship turn upside down. Rajesh is blamed for Rakka's (Amrish Puri) death and is schedule to be jailed for a lifetime. While Amar along with Sheela and his small daughter escapes to the U.K. with a lot of diamonds and money stolen by Rajesh. Will Rajesh allow Amar to betray him or will he jumped to conclusion and escapes from the police to take revenge from his perpetrators? Written by gAvInDrA ([email protected])
  • زبان :هندی کیفیت :360p.DvDRIp
  • فرمت :mkv حجم :990MB
  • مدت زمان :2ساعت و53 دقیقه محصول :هندوستان
  • کارگردان :Shrabani Deodhar نویسنده :Shrabani Deodhar , Bijesh Jayarajan , Reel Life Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. , Sahara One Motion Pictures
  • امتیاز IMDB :6.3 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان : وینود خانا , راوینا تاندون , راتی آگنیهوتری , سودهانشو پاندی
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سواتی آزاد و مریدولا دو دوست جداناشدنی از کالج هستند، کاملا موفق و با احترام که هرکدام نیز متاهل شد…
Swati Azad and Mridula are two inseparable friends in college. Both do well in their studies, successfully complete college and get married to Ajay Lal and Milind Khanna respectively. Four years later, Prasad Saxena, another former collegian meets with a pregnant Mridula and informs her that Swati has committed suicide as she had lost her sanity. He tells her about the background of Swati's death and his suspicions that she was actually killed by the Lal family. Mridula gets hold of a Swati's diary, reads it, and concludes that the Lal family did kill Swati. She has the case reopened, files various documents in Court, and has the Lals - Ajay and his dad, Hasmukh, charged under section 302 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. It is here that Mridula will find out that she has opened up a virtual Pandora's box - for the lawyer representing the Lals is none other than Deepak Khanna - her father-in-law. When Milind finds out he accuses Mridula of trying to disrupt the Khanna family life, and ... Written by rAjOo ([email protected])
  • زبان :هندی کیفیت :HDRip.360p
  • فرمت :mkv حجم :1013MB
  • مدت زمان :2ساعت 42دقیقه محصول :هندوستان
  • کارگردان :Gopichand Malineni نویسنده :Anil Ravipudi , Veligonda Srinivas , United Movies
  • امتیاز IMDB :5.6 رده سنی :مشخص نشده !
  • ستارگان :Ram , Sai Kumar , Rakul Preet Singh
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این فیلم درباره زندگی رام است که یک شرکت چند میلیون دلاری در پرتغال با خانواده اش زندگی می کند.
The movie starts with Karthik (Ram) who runs a multimillion-dollar company in Portugal living with his family. Karthik (Ram) runs the company where he has employed his own father, brother, sister and keeps them on their toes to leave no stone unturned to take his company to greater heights. Meanwhile, he meets another multimillion- dollar women Anushka (Sonal Chauhan) for a business deal. Then she decides to propose Karthik (Ram) for marriage as a calculated move for their business also she (Sonal Chauhan) has to tie the knot with the right guy if she has to inherit her father's wealth. They both got engaged but karthik's family was disappointed of this proposal. After some days, one of the companies of Karthik (Ram) gets in to trouble due to a case registered by Green Army headed by Divya (Rakul Preet)against his factory and he heads to India to sort out the issue. He tries hard to convince Divya (Rakul Preet) but all goes in vain. Despite being engaged to Anushka (Sonal Chauhan), ... Written by Vaibhav
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